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Icon-Log In   FWS Eligibility
  • How do I maintain Federal Work Study eligibility?
    • Students must meet the below criteria to qualify for a FWS award. The Office of Student Financial Assistance has the right to cancel any award that does not meet these criteria.
      • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every aid year
      • Meet UCF’s Standard’s for Satisfactory Academic Progress (Met, Academic Plan, Warning, and Probation are acceptable SAP statuses)
      • Meet a need of at least $5,000 for the Fall and Spring terms ($2,500 for Summer)
      • Be degree seeking at UCF
      • Be enrolled and have confirmed attendance at least half-time at UCF
      • Be a U.S. citizen, U.S. permanent resident, eligible non-citizen, or citizen of the Freely Associated States: The Federated States of Micronesia and the republics of Palau and the Marshall Islands (for more information, please see the FAFSA)
      • Have a Social Security card or letter from the Social Security Administration (application receipt)
      • Have a completed review status

Resource: https://finaid.ucf.edu/types-of-aid/fws-eligibility/


  • What is the minimum number of credit hours I can be enrolled in?
    • Students must be enrolled at least half-time to be considered for an FWS award. Please see the specific enrollment requirements below.
      • Undergraduate students
        • Fall/Spring/Summer = 6 credit hours
      • Graduate students 
        • Fall/Spring = 4.5 credit hours
        • Summer = 3 credit hours


  • Can I work with transient hours?
    • Students must be enrolled at least half-time at UCF. Transient hours will not count towards enrollment for the purposes of FWS.


  • If selected for verification, can I still work?
    • Students must submit all required documents and complete the verification process before working. If you recently submitted documents, your To Do list might be cleared but the verification process typically takes an additional 4-6 weeks (longer during peak times) after document submission. Students can view their verification status under the “View Financial Aid Status” link in the Student Center on myUCF. This status must be “complete” in order to be eligible to work.


  • Am I eligible for Federal Work Study if I do not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress?
    • Students must be in one of the following SAP statuses to be eligible for federal aid:
      • Meet
      • Academic Plan
      • Warning
      • Probation

Resource: https://finaid.ucf.edu/receiving/sap/


  • Can I continue working if I withdraw from classes?
    • Students must maintain at least half-time enrollment each semester. If a student withdraws and is still enrolled at least half-time (i.e. enrolled in 12 credit hours and withdraws from 3 credit hours), they can continue working. If a student withdraws and is now enrolled less than half-time (i.e. enrolled in 12 credit hours and withdraws from 9 credit hours), they must notify their employer and cease working immediately.


Icon-Log In   FWS Award
  • How do I monitor my Federal Work Study award?
    • Students are allotted an award amount each semester, as shown on the “View My Financial Aid” link on myUCF. The typical FWS award for each term is $2,500. Students are not to exceed this allotted amount. To track this amount, students can take their total award amount and keep a running balance by subtracting their gross pay each pay period. An award balance spreadsheet is available under the Forms and Resources section of JobX. If a student is reaching their allotted award amount, they may ask their employer to contact the FWS Coordinator to be reviewed for an award increase.


  • Does my award balance at the end of a term roll over into the next term?
    • No, award balances at the end of the term do not roll over into the next term. Additionally, students are not penalized for not utilizing the entire award amount.


Icon-Log In   Finding A Job
  • What jobs are available on JobX?
    • There are two types of jobs available to students on JobX: on-campus FWS and off-campus FWS.
      • All the on-campus positions are posted by departments across all UCF campuses. When applying on their job posting, you are applying directly with the department. Be mindful of the location when review job postings to ensure the job is at a campus that is convenient to your schedule (i.e. a student with classes exclusively at the Rosen campus would benefit from working at the Rosen campus compared to the main campus across town). 
      • Off-campus positions are posted by the FWS Coordinator and are considered community service positions. To apply for an off-campus position, students would apply for the general application on JobX. The FWS Coordinator would then reach out to students to schedule a workshop. This workshop serves to detail the rules and regulations of the community service program and to outline the specific opportunities available.


  • I’ve applied for a job, what happens next?
    • After applying for a job, employers are notified of new applicants via JobX JobMail. Employers will reach out to students via JobX JobMail to offer interview times. Notifications are sent to students via Knights email when they have pending messages in JobX. Please be sure to check JobMail periodically for any messages left by potential employers.


  • Can I have more than one Federal Work Study job simultaneously?
    • Students can work only one FWS job at a time. Additionally, students can have one FWS and one OPS job simultaneously. However, students must remain at 29 working hours per week between the two jobs (i.e. 14 hours in one job and 15 hours in the second job).

Icon-Log In   Hiring Process
  • Is there any paperwork I need to complete to participate in the FWS program?
    • Students must complete the FWS Disclaimer, which is a requirement to access available FWS positions in JobX. Students will see this item show as a To Do List item on their myUCF. After accepting the Disclaimer in JobX, please allow 2-3 business days for the item to be removed from your To Do List on myUCF.
    • Students will also need to complete a hiring packet in the department they accept a position in. The hiring packet includes providing their Driver’s License (or other acceptable form of identification), physical Social Security Card (no copies), award summary (printed from myUCF), and class schedule (printed from myUCF).


  • Once hired, how will I get paid?
    • After being hired into the UCF HR system by a department, you will receive biweekly paychecks according to the UCF payroll schedule. Paychecks are issued every other Friday via direct deposit which is established during the hiring process.


  • How many hours can I work per week?
    • Students can work up to 20 hours per week while classes are in session. When classes are not in session (i.e. Spring break or between semesters), students can work up to 29 hours per week. Please note – students must remain within their award allotment so working hours must be monitored accordingly.


  • How much will I be paid per hour?
    • There are salary suggestions based on market research provided on our website for employers’ reference. However, it is at the discretion of the department to determine final salary based on the job description and whether raises will be allowed.

Resource: https://finaid.ucf.edu/types-of-aid/fws-salary/


  • Can I change jobs during the middle of term?
    • It is recommended that students complete commitments made to departments (i.e. a student accepted a position with the expressed intent of remaining employed there for at least two semesters). However, it is still the student’s right to change jobs at will. As a professional courtesy, students should provide a 2-week notice of resignation to employers.


  • Can I be terminated from an FWS job?
    • Yes, students in the FWS program are hired into the UCF HR system like any other employee. Unsatisfactory performance in the areas of attendance, work ethics, student conduct, and/or violations of the FWS Disclaimer can lead to immediate termination of a student’s position.


  • Will I receive a W2 for an FWS job?
    • Yes, FWS students will receive a W2 from UCF detailing any income earned in a given calendar year. Any income earned from an FWS job will be excluded from income on the FAFSA for financial aid purposes, but it is possible that students would still need to file taxes with the IRS. Students should reference the IRS website to determine if they are required to file taxes.

Reference: https://www.irs.gov/